OKRify July 2023 Release

OKR Updates

Objective Description Field

The "Objective Description" is a comprehensive text field that allows users to provide detailed information about their objectives. This feature can be activated by navigating to the OKRify Settings, specifically in the General Tab, where you can enable the option titled "Enable Objective Description."

Once enabled,

1.Objective description field will be available when creating or editing an OKR.

2.Additionally, within the Hub, users have the ability to view the Objective Description field by simply clicking on any specific objective. If an objective has a description field, it will be shown on the right-hand side, positioned above the Objective progress bar for easy access and reference.

Reportees Overview

The Reportees tab has been enhanced with an overview of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for all reportees across different OKR periods. This improved feature empowers you to effortlessly monitor the number of OKRs set for each period and gain valuable insights into the average progress of these objectives. By presenting this consolidated view, you can now better assess the collective performance of your team and make informed decisions to drive success and alignment throughout your organization.

Reportees Search

Enhanced search functionality in the Hub-Reportees tab to enable searching for reportees using either the Objective Name or Objective Owner.

Key Result Progress (Change)

With the implementation of this change, the progress for Key Results in product releases will now be accurately updated whenever there is a modification to the target or the starting value. Previously, Key Result progress was not updated when the target was changed, leading to discrepancies in tracking performance. However, with this improvement, any updates to Key Results, including changes to targets or starting values, will reflect in the progress tracking.

This enhancement also extends to OKR progress, ensuring that any changes in Key Results contribute to the overall progress of the OKR. By keeping both Key Result progress and OKR progress up-to-date, this change enables a more accurate representation of the team's performance and helps stakeholders make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Team Contributor (Change)

In Key Results, when selecting all team members of the team as contributors there was a restriction to add only 16 team members. With this update, there will be no restrictions on the number of team members when selecting all timbers as contributors for a Key Result.

To add all team members of the OKR's team as contributors, select the "All Team Members'' flag in the KR contributors section. Users will not be displayed as contributors, all team members of the team can update Key Result’s progress and view the OKR in hub.

Hub (Grouped OKR Expand all)

Key Results for all OKRs within a group can be expanded for easy viewing with one single click. Use the icon next to the group name to expand all Key Results under the group.

Confidence for Automatic KRs

OKRify provides the ability to automatically update Key Result progress with many Key Result types such as Sobject, KPI, Reports, Linked OKR, Link KR, the confidence and the notes for these Key Results can now be updated from Hub similar to other Key Results.

Users can update the confidence to show their confidence in achieving the target by the end of period using this for all types of key results.

Link KR (New KR type)

Add Key Result from another Objective to a new OKR, all the Key Results fields will be added to the Key Result in the new OKR and progress will be automatically updated from the original Key Result.

Schedule Apex Class - LinkKrBatchSchedulable for automatically updating Link KR Key Result Progress.

Hierarchy - Objectives (by Parent)

Hierarchy view is a pivotal for comprehending the progress of strategy execution, especially for leaders. In addition to the existing Objective hierarchy and Team Hierarchy, we have introduced a new view similar to a hub, where Objectives are grouped together based on their parent Objectives. This new view offers a simple and efficient way to examine all OKRs under a parent Objective in one consolidated view.

Accessible through the Hierarchy tab, Objectives (by Parents) works similarly to the hub, presenting OKRs organized by their parent Objectives.

This new view includes two filters:

Periods: By default, it is set to Current periods, encompassing the Current FY, Current Period, and Current Strategic Period.

Levels: Defaulting to Level 2, it displays the first parent Objective and its child OKRs. The first parent could be strategic pillars or company-wide OKRs.

  • Level 3 reveals two levels of parent Objectives and their child OKRs.
  • Level 4 showcases three levels of parent Objectives and their child OKRs.
  • Finally, the "All Level" option unveils all parent Objectives and their child OKRs.

With this enhanced Hierarchy view, leaders can now gain deeper insights into the alignment and progress of OKRs within the organization's hierarchy, facilitating better decision-making and successful strategy execution.

View OKR Permission Set

A new permission set called 'OKRify User No Edit OKR’ is not available, this permission set designed to grant users view only access to OKRs while allowing them to update Key Result progress. Users with this permission set will not be able to create or edit OKRs, even if they are designated as OKR owners or managers.

This new permission set serves as a valuable tool to control and manage access to OKR creation and editing within your organization. It ensures that only authorized individuals can create and modify OKRs, providing a more controlled and streamlined OKR management process.

On the other hand, the existing 'OKRify User' permission set continues to provide users with the ability to create and edit OKRs for which they are designated as OKR owners or co-owners. This allows those individuals to actively participate in the OKR-setting process and drive goal alignment effectively.

These permission sets work together to offer a more tailored and secure OKR experience, empowering your organization to efficiently manage its objectives and drive successful execution across all levels.

Resolved Issues

Hub - The issue with saving the Closed Objectives field in the Hub filter has been resolved.

Objective Hierarchy - The objectives in each level are now sorted in alphabetical order.

Post Upgrade Configuration Steps

1.Automatically update required permission sets for Meetings. Please follow the below steps

a.Go to OKRify Settings -> Load Defaults

b.Click “Add topics”. This will automatically update the Permission Set “OKRify_Meeting_Pushtopic_AutoUpdate” with the required permissions for using Meetings. This permission set and OKRify_Meeting_User permission set is required for all users using Meetings.

2.Add Picklist value for “Link KR” in Key Result Object

a.Go to Setup -> Object Manager

b.Search for Key Results in Object Manager

c.Click Fields & Relationship

d.Search for “UOM” Field

e.Under values click New and add “Link KR” value

f.Link KR - Add “Link KR” in Label and API Name and Save.

Upcoming features in 2023

Employee Recognition: Improve employee engagement and company culture with social recognition and appreciation in Salesforce CRM. Employees and managers can give each other recognition, awards, and publicly celebrate important events such as birthdays and work anniversaries.

Performance Review: With OKRify's performance review feature, conducting employee performance reviews will become simpler and more streamlined. The feature includes customizable templates for a variety of performance evaluations, such as self-assessments, peer reviews, and manager assessments, which will be tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Contest: Utilizing gamification such as contest has been demonstrated to be an effective strategy for motivating and enhancing team performance. With OKRify's contest feature, you can create customized contests tailored for your teams within Salesforce. By leveraging gamification, OKRify's contests provide a fun and engaging way to incentivize and recognize employees for their hard work.

To learn more about OKRify, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. Our team is committed to delivering value to our customers and we welcome your feedback and suggestions on existing or upcoming features. Don't hesitate to reach out to us – we'd love to hear from you!

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