Release Notes OKRify 2.0

OKRify 2.0 was released in May 2022 and has been completely reimagined and redesigned with best in the class features. Now OKRify 2.0 brings together OKRs and KPIs in Salesforce to manage your goals and execute your strategy.

Below check below for the features in OKRify 2.0. OKRify 2.0 is available for a 30 day trial, please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or need more information.

Hub: Completely redesigned Hub now with OKRs and KPIs in one central place. Please check here for more details about Hub here.

Create OKR: New create OKR page now with ability to add custom fields for Objectives and Key Results. Please check here for more details on the Create OKR page.

Key Results Types: 7 types of Key Results can now be created. New Key Result types Milestone, Linked OKR, Report and KPIs are now added. Please click here for more information on the Key Result Types.

OKR Templates: Save OKRs as OKR templates and create new OKR quickly from OKR templates. Please click here for more information on OKR Templates.

KPIs: Key Performance Indicators to measure key metrics based on any Salesforce object. Click here for more information on KPIs

Settings: Settings page to manage all OKRify settings such as General Settings, Risk Colors, Default values, Sobject/KPI Objects and Load default data. Please click here for more information on settings.

Sobject Preview: Now preview is available in Sobjects to view the records for the filters in Sobject. Click here for more information.

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