Consulting Company/Service Organization KPIs

Service organizations including consulting organizations or software services organizations such as Salesforce consulting partners need to identify KPIs that help to measure their organizations business performance. The right set of KPIs can effectively measure how an organization is achieving their objectives. Each KPIs should be

  • Measurable
  • Time bound
  • Accurate Data Source
  • Responsible individual or team

Additionally KPIs should be easy to understand and compare the drivers of the business on a month to month or quarter to quarter period. A good set of KPIs bridges the gap between your financial information and organizational strategy to spur progress and empower action. The wrong KPIs can lead to wasted time and, at best, chaotic efforts at achieving growth.
Below are some of the commonly used KPIs used by Service organization including Salesforce consulting organizations


Service organizations are selling the hours of their billable employees and managing these employees time is critical for their business. Utilization is the best metric to measure the productivity of their billable employees. It is a key metric that helps to understand

  • Gross Margin of your business
  • Resource planning
  • Hiring planning
  • Employee wellness
Annual Revenue Per Billable Team Member

Annual Revenue per billable team member can help a service organization understand

  • Margin and Profitability
  • Measure against industry standard and competitor analysis
  • Strategy planning such as move to different segments or hiring more employees
Annual Overhead Per Billable Team Member

Service organization gets revenues through billable employees but overhead expenses through non-billable employees is something necessary for operations but needs to be in check. This metric can help service organization

  • Understand margin
  • Improve processes
  • Reduce cost
  • Resource allocation
Profitability - Gross Margin

Gross Margin is an important measure for Service organization similar to any other type of organization and it can help with

  • Pricing optimization
  • Control Expenses
  • Strategy planning
  • Resource planning
Project Overrun

Project Overrun = budgeted cost/actual cost

Project overrun is a very important KPI that needs to be tracked to ensure the projects are completed in the planned time and cost. Project overrun not only increases the cost, reduces margins but also could adversely affect the customer satisfaction which could affect the future business from the affected customer and reputation of the organization. This metric can help

  • Improve project planning and project management
  • Increase margins
  • Improve customer satisfaction
On-time/Service Delivery

On-Time Delivery is an important factor for improving customer satisfaction. This metric can help

  • Repeat business from customers
  • Manage customer satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction

Service organization’s key asset is their employees and it is absolutely critical for service organizations to ensure their employee morale is high and they are satisfied with their work. Employee satisfaction can also help service organizations to

  • Understand Employee Morale
  • Manage Employee Benefits
  • Improve HR processes
  • Improve Employee Engagement
Employee Turnover Rate

As we know Employees are the key assets for service organization, retention of the key asset is critical to the success of the organization. Employee Turnover Ratio is the percentage of the employees who leave the organization during a period of time. Almost all businesses are trying to reduce the number of employees leaving the company as it is more expensive and time consuming to hire new employees and train the new employees. Employee Turnover Rate can help to understand

  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Compare with industry standards and competitors
  • Measure effectiveness of HR processes
  • Investment in Employee benefits
  • Investment in Employee career progression
Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline is a key leading metric for a service organization. Sales Pipeline provides details on the Sales that are in the future period and it helps with

  • Resource planning
  • Hiring
  • Strategy planning
  • Investment decisions
Scheduled Billable Hours

Scheduled billable hours is another key leading metric for a service organization that provides details on how much work is coming in the future periods and it helps with

  • Hiring
  • Resource planning

Service / Consulting Organization OKRs Examples

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology has become the go-to goal setting and strategy execution methodology across industries for organizations of all sizes from startups to Fortune 100 organizations.

Sample Scorecard for Service / Consulting Organization

Scorecard is an important tool to track multiple KPIs for all the team members in a team. Scorecard allows the ability to set targets per user for multiple KPIs in one place and track performance for all the team members in one place.

Meeting Template for Service / Consulting Organizations

Running efficient and productive meetings have become essential especially in consulting/service organizations in which employees can be distributed, remote or located at customer locations

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Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce certifications are a key part of the Salesforce partner program and earning more Salesforce certification can help Salesforce consulting partners achieve higher tiers in the Salesforce Partner program and thus getting more benefits from the Salesforce partner program. So it becomes critical for Salesforce consulting partners to encourage employees to get more Salesforce certifications. OKRify – Business Execution Application for Salesforce can track KPIs for service organization real-time with Salesforce data. OKRify provides the ability to set targets for each KPIs and track progress real-time with Salesforce data. OKRify also streamlines KPIs with OKRs to track Company, Team or Individual goals with OKRs.

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