Create Milestone Key Result

Milestone Key Result can be used to track tasks or small projects as part of OKR. A list of tasks or milestones can be entered with deadlines and tracked as Key Results.

Milestone Key Result to track tasks or projects

Follow the steps provided in the create OKR to enter objective fields and for the Key Result follow the below steps

1.Enter Key Result Name
Key Result names should be short, concise, and highly recommended to include measurable values. The icon next to the Key Result Name field will be red if the Key Result name field does not have a numeric value. This is not an error, it is to help the users to ensure Key Results names are measurable.

2.Select Unit as Milestone
Select Milestone in the Unit dropdown. Once Milestone is selected the target will be automatically set to 100% and cannot be changed. Target Type is set to Increase and the Starting value field is disabled.

3.Click the Milestone icon next to the Milestone Unit field to open the Milestone screen,

  • Enter a milestone or a task
  • Search and select a user in the Assigned to (Optional)
  • Enter the deadline date for the task. The deadline date is mandatory for each task/milestone.
  • Enter weight for each task. The total weight for all tasks should be equal to 100.
  • Click Save to return to the main OKR screen.

4.Enter Weight
Enter the weight for the Key Result to calculate the progress for the Objective. The Sum of weights of all the Key Results should be equal to 100.

5.Select Frequency
Select the frequency on which the Key Result will be updated. Notifications and update score for updating Key Results will be based on the frequency selected.

6.Select Confidence
Select the initial confidence for achieving the key result’s target.

7.Enter Contributors (Optional)
Enter any additional user/users as contributors for the Key Result. Contributors can also update the Key Result’s progress along with the Owner of the Key Result.

8.Save OKR
Enter other Key Results as needed and Save the OKR.

Information: For Milestone Key Result

  • Target is automatically set to 100%
  • Target Type is automatically defaulted to Increase
  • Starting value cannot be entered for Milestone
  • Expected target is calculated based on the tasks/milestone dates.

Update Milestone Key Result Progress