Create Recognition

Recognition functionality offers the capacity to formally recognize and express appreciation to one or multiple employees within your organization for their exceptional accomplishments, assistance, and more.

Creating a recognition post is easy in OKRify and follow the below steps to extend your appreciation to your team members:

  1. Search and add one or more you want to recognize. You can include up to 15 employees.
  2. Select a theme for the recognition : "Thank You," "Good Job," "Impressive," and "Exceptional." Post image will be based on the theme selected.
  3. Enter a message, you can include emojis in the message.
  4. Enhance your recognition by selecting specific qualities that align with the employee's performance. You can choose multiple qualities in a single post.
  5. Should you wish to keep the recognition private, exclusively viewable only to the users being recognized, you can change visibility settings from public to private by clicking on the public button to change to private.
  6. Once you're satisfied with your message and selections, click send to post the recognition.