Create Task Based OKR

A Task-based OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal-setting approach where objectives progress is the same as the progress of the tasks in the board. This OKRs can be useful to track the progress of a project and a series of tasks.

How it Works:

  • In this model, the Objective's progress is updated based on the completion of assigned tasks.
  • There are no traditional key results; task progress becomes the primary metric for Objective advancement.

User Guide:

  • When setting up an Objective, users can choose the task-centric approach, omitting the traditional key result structure.
  • Progress updates for the Objective are directly linked to the completion status of assigned tasks.

Create Board for OKRs

To establish a task-based OKR without key results, follow these steps on the OKR creation page:

  • Check the second checkbox with task icon next the OKR name input box.
  • When selected, Confirmation for creating an OKR without key results appears requiring a selection. Note that if you apply yes to an existing OKR, its key results will be deleted.
  • Once confirmed, a new popup will appear, presenting a board creation page.
  • In this page, you can seamlessly add tasks. The initial board name defaults to the OKR name, which you can modify at any time by clicking on it.
  • Assign tasks to specific individuals, set deadlines, and make any necessary adjustments.
  • For a comprehensive guide on task creation, please refer to
  • After adding tasks, close the popup, and finalize the process by clicking "Save and Activate" to activate the OKR.

By following these steps, you can create a task based OKR without key results. The progress of the OKRs will be based on the overall progress of all the tasks in the board.