Explorate Case Study

“OKRify is simple, easy to use and perfect for setting quarterly and annual targets in Salesforce “

Jaye Coley,National Sales Operation Manager
Brief Overview of Explorate?

We are a digital freight forwarding company. So essentially we work with customers who import and export containers by sea freight. We also handle air freight and we work with customers based in Australia that are doing importing and exporting. So we work with them to move cargo around.

What is your role?

I am the national sales operations manager. So my whole job is to support our business development managers and make sure that they have processes and procedures in place to support their roles.

Why did you choose OKRify?

Salesforce is really good at capturing all your activities, but it doesn’t have the ability to easily set targets in one place and track progress against these targets. So we needed something that was going to sit within Salesforce to allow us to put in those targets. So this is why we went to the Salesforce AppExchange and looked for an application. OKRify was perfect for that and it was simple and easy to use.

How are you using OKRify?

We use OKRify to set our quarterly and annual targets for Sales team KPIs.. The main KPIs we track for our Sales team members are forecasted ROI, the amount of discovery meetings, customers wins, number of cold calls and actual commissions earned.

How easy was OKRify to implement?

I was still learning how to be a Salesforce administrator when we started with OKRify. Your team was fantastic and the level of support we got from you guys fantastic. Once your team helped me to set up properly it has been really easy to use.

How is your team adopting OKRify?

Ohh, look brilliant. Most of the KPIs are automatically tracked in OKRify based on Sales teams activities. Each Sales team member uses it to track their progress against their targets and it has been very easy to use for them.

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