Funnel Chart

The funnel chart serves as an excellent visual representation tool, offering a concise narrative of progression or conversion rates across diverse process stages. This dynamic visualization not only simplifies data comprehension but also expedites the identification of bottlenecks, trends, and optimization prospects, thus fostering more knowledgeable decision-making.

OKRify funnel chart empowers you to craft charts using data sourced from multiple Salesforce objects in one funnel chart. By incorporating data from multiple sources, OKRify's funnel chart becomes instrumental in data visualization, enabling the clear representation of insights.

Permission Sets

  • OKRify_Funnel_User: Permission set required to view funnel chart
  • OKRify_Funnel_Admin: Permission set required to create funnel chart

Funnel Chart has to be added to a lighting page or homepage such as Sales App Home page, click here for details.