Gantt chart

A Gantt chart is a great way to show tasks and their timing. It's like a horizontal bar chart that displays the schedule of a project, with each bar representing a task and the dates laid out horizontally.

How to view Gantt chart

To access the Gantt chart, look for the Gantt chart icon on the right side of the board name. The icon becomes visible only when all items on the board have deadlines or timelines assigned. Click on the icon to open a new tab with the Gantt chart, where you can see all the main items and sub-items of the board.

How Gantt chart works

Understanding the Gantt chart is simple. On the left side, you'll find a list of all board items with their names displayed in bar form. This view functions like a grid, where items are listed vertically against a horizontal calendar. Clicking on an item opens a side popup panel, providing details such as Group, Owner, Status, Timeline or deadline, Hours, Progress, and Description. You can conveniently edit essential details like Status, Timeline or deadline, Hours, Progress, and Description within this popup panel.

In the chart view, you have the flexibility to drag items and adjust deadlines. For timelines, you can easily expand, reduce, or move dates graphically using mouse functions. This user-friendly interface allows for efficient management and customization of project details