Files/Links to OKRs

Files and links can be added to an OKR in Hub or Create/Edit OKRs. In both Hub or Create/Edit OKRs users with access to Edit OKRs can add files or links to an OKR. In the hub, click an Objective to open the side window for the Objective and click Add Link/File to open the Link/File area. In the Create/Edit OKR page also the Add Link/File option is available in the side window.

In the file/link area, click Upload files or drop files to attach one or multiple files. The added files will be displayed below the Upload files under the button.
Click Add Link button to add a link to an OKR, enter a link name and link url (url should start with http:// or https://).

Number of files and links will be displayed instead of Add Link/File in the side window for an OKR if files or links exist for an OKR. Click the Files and Links button to Open the files and links. Click a file to preview the file or click a link to open the link. A file or a link can also be deleted from the popup.