Meeting Knowledge Center

OKRify Meeting is a meeting management solution that can help run productive meetings in Salesforce. Running effective meetings is essential for success of managers and their teams, OKRify Meeting provides the following features to make every meeting worth attending

  • Meeting Management solution feature includes
  • Collaborative Agenda Builder
  • OKRs & KPIs
  • Action Items with Due Dates
  • Comments for Discussion before, after and during meetings
  • Meeting Notes
  • Private Notes
  • Meeting Feedback
  • Custom Sections
  • Questions and Multiple Options to receive User Responses

OKRify Meeting can be used to run 1:1, team meetings, QBR, cross-functional or any other meetings can be run effectively using OKRify meetings.

OKRify meetings is the only 100% native solution built in the Salesforce platform that is designed with end users in mind to be a simple and intuitive solution for managing meetings with Salesforce. OKRify meetings also seamlessly connects with OKRs and KPIs streamlining strategy execution t0 get the desired business outcomes.

OKRify meeting provides features that encourages collaboration, team work, accountability, engagement within your team and organization. It also provides Meeting templates to standardize meeting formats across your organization or teams. OKRify meeting is highly customizable for all types of meetings from 1:1, team meetings or cross-functional meetings. As described above, OKRs and KPIs of teams and/or Users can be viewed in meetings with real time status to keep track of metrics that matters. The following types of sections can added as needed to any meeting or a meeting template in OKRify meeting

  • General Section
  • Action Items
  • Questions
  • Multiple Options
  • OKRs
  • KPIs

Some of the other Key features in OKRify Meetings are

  • Add OKRs and KPIs for 1:1s and Team Meetings
  • Add OKRs for multiple teams and users to a team meeting for Leadership meetings, QBRs, etc.
  • Update OKR – Key Result Progress by authorized users
  • Set up Repeat meetings
  • Automatically carry over open items to next meeting
  • Meeting templates
  • Custom Sections
  • Get responses from all attendees with Questions and Multiple options
  • Discuss before and after the meeting with Comments for each item
  • Clone Meetings

OKRify Meetings can be of following type

  • 1:1 Meetings for regular meetings between a manager and a team member. In this type of meeting, one user’s OKR and KPI can be added automatically to the Meeting.
  • Team Meeting for regular team meetings with all the team members. In this type of meeting, a team’s OKR and KPI can be added automatically to the Meeting.
  • Cluster Meeting for cross-functional meetings or OKR review meetings. In this type of meeting, OKRs for multiple teams and/or users can be automatically added to the Meeting