Execute strategy & drive focussed performance right in Salesforce

OKRify brings together proven OKR methodology & KPIs to Salesforce. Execute your strategy into results.


Deliver business outcomes with better strategy execution

Set Strategy
Set Strategy
Create strategy with Company OKRs to clearly communicate priorities across organization
Align Goals
Align Goals
Align teams & individual goals with strategic objectives for focussed execution
Agile & adapt
Agile & adapt
Track progress continuously, accurately with salesforce data to be agile and adapt quickly

Align everyone with the mission & localize goals

Set strategic goals, align and localize team & individual goals in OKRify. Connect your tasks to the strategy to get the outcomes you deserve.

  • OKRs for all levels
  • Align Objectives
  • One-click Clone & Templates
  • Custom fields & Tags
  • Aspirational OKR & Private OKR

Engage Employees from one central place

With everything about OKRs & KPIs right in one central hub in your CRM, your teams can always be on top of things that matter. Every employee is engaged and aware of the impact they are making to the one mission.

  • Track OKRs & KPIs
  • Update Key Result Progress
  • View Risks and Confidence
  • Update Notifications
  • Salesforce Tasks

KPIs to measure what matters

Track key metrics & always stay on top of your business performance. Team or Cross functional metrics get the insight you need fast from one place.

  • KPI for users & Business Units
  • KPI Board
  • Time based Targets
  • Track Progress & history
  • View Records behind numbers


Automated Progress Update

Improve accuracy and free up employees time to focus on what matters. Use the power of Salesforce platform, take advantage of Salesforce data and integrations

  • Data from any Salesforce Object – Custom or Standard
  • Use any Salesforce Report
  • Daily updates
  • Get value for your Salesforce investment

Build a culture of transparency and commitment

Leaders get the bird’s eye view to identify risks and opportunities. Individual contributors can see their contribution, purpose towards the strategic vision.

  • Objective/Team
  • Hierarchy
  • Pre-Build Dashboard
  • Email Remainders
  • Company Goals for Everyone in Hub

Elevate Collaboration with OKR-Based Task Assignment commitment

Directly assign tasks to your employees based on OKRs. OKR-based task assignment feature streamlines your workflow, ensuring alignment between organizational goals and individual responsibilities


Read what our customers say about OKRify

Rated 5 of 5

5-Star Rated App

Great Simple to Use OKR Application and Great Support This is a great app that my team enjoys using to keep track of our objectives. I also appreciate the quick support provided by the OKRify team when I had a few challenges. The adoption by the team has been good.

Monica Kundu
The BOMA Project

Great App and fantastic and helpful support from the OKRify team This is a relatively easy app to integrate and perfect for measuring and reporting on OKRs for your sales team. The quick responses from the OKRify team to help me with any fixes and issues I had was amazing. I can highly recommend this application.

Jaye Coley

Really Great Solution Out of the box I really liked the capabilities this app offered (personal, team and company OKRs, graphs, reports, ease of use), but what sent it above and beyond was the responsiveness of the creator and his team, who responded quickly to any questions my team had, as well as suggestions for improvements.I have no doubt that this useful app will continue to improve and intend on continuing use in our org.

Akira Brown
Rockwell Ventures

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  • how to set strategy and goals
  • align goals
  • operationalize strategic execution
  • measure what matters

OKRify - One app for OKRs, Scorecard, Contest and Meeting Management - The complete strategy execution application for Salesforce customers.

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