OKR without Key Results

(Progress based on Child OKRs)

OKR without Key Results will provide the ability to create OKRs without KRs and the progress for the OKR will be updated automatically based on the average progress of the child OKRs.

Note: Jump to step 11 for instructions on disabling KR

Steps to Create OKR without KR

Follow the below steps to create OKR, for more details of each step please check Create OKR instructions.

1.Click Create OKR Button from Hub

2.Select Ownership for OKR

3.Enter Objective Name

Enter a clear, concise Objective name that is inspirational and easy to understand.

4.Select Period if different from Default Period

5.Select Team if different from Default Team

6.Select a Parent Objective (Optional)

7.Add Tags (Optional)

8.Enter Weight (Optional)

9.Select Access (Optional)

10. Add Co-Owners (Optional)

11. Disable Key Result

Click the toggle button to disable Key Result. Key Result will be disabled immediately on the screen.

An Auto Update KR is created in the background for updating progress from the child OKRs.

Click here to check how progress for OKRs without KRs can be updated manually from the hub.

Summary View

Summary view for these OKRs can be customized the way you want to display this type of OKRs in summary (My OKR and Reportees Side Tab). In Summary, the OKRs without KRs can be a separate line or Included with team or do not show based on the option selected in the OKRify Settings.

For those who choose to display OKRs without Key Results as a separate line, the name that will be used to identify this type of objective can also be specified in OKRify Settings under Hub Defaults.

Example: In the above option, if Marketing has a OKRs without KRs and a OKRs with KRs then two lines will be shown in the summary.