OKRify for CEOs

Unlock Success: Build Alignment across organization for focused execution

Comprehensive Insight into Team Objectives and Progress, Uncovering Risks and Opportunities for Agile Decision-Making

Define Strategy and Objectives

Craft the Organizational Vision and Strategic Pillars
Define Goals at Every Level: Organization, Teams, and Individuals
AI-powered suggestions for optimizing OKRs
Establish Multi-Year, Annual, or Quarterly Goals

Strategic Alignment Across Every Team

Align every team & individual goals with strategy
Holistic view with Objective and Team Hierarchy View
Continuously track what matters most
Identify opportunities & risk faster for agile decisions

Measure what matters

Real-Time KPIs for Teams or Individuals
Connects KPIs to OKRs
Motivate with Gamification: Scorecards & Contests
KPI Board & Leaderboard for Holistive Metrics

Collaborative 1:1 and Team Meetings Made Easy

Collaboratively Plan Meeting Agenda for Team meetings
Assign Action Items & Track Progress with ease
Enhanced Collaboration with any Salesforce records in meetings
Focused & Productive Meetings with Real-time OKRs and KPIs

Engage and Inspire Employees through Recognition

Acknowledge and Celebrate Achievements
Award Exceptional Performance
Promote Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Foster High Energy and Engagement within Team