OKRify for Sales

Sales Strategy to Execution with a Unified App

Define Sales Strategy, Set Team & Rep Targets, and Elevate Performance through Gamification & Recognition

Sales Strategy & Team Goal Alignment

Define Sales Strategy
Align Sales team's goals with strategic vision
Connect OKRs & KPIs
Automatic tracking with Salesforce data

Ignite Competitive Spirit with Gamification

Customizable Contest for both individual users and teams
Performance Scorecard & Leaderboards
Track Real-time KPIs
Set flexible targets for users & periods

Energize your Sales Team with Recognition

Recognize achievements & Celebrate milestones
Award outstanding performance
Peer-to-peer recognition for employees
Energize and engage your Sales team

Tailored Sales Coaching through 1:1 & Team Meetings

Collaboratively Plan Meeting Agenda for 1:1 and team meetings
Assign Action Items & Track Progress
Enhanced Collaboration with any Salesforce records in meetings
Focused & Productive Meetings with Real-time OKRs and KPIs

Multi-KPI Visualization with Funnel Charts

Visualize multiple KPIs simultaneously with intuitive funnel charts
Customizable targets for each KPIs
Track Conversation Rates across KPIs
Identify Bottlenecks & Opportunities