Search for OKRs

In MY OKR tab, filters can be used to search for OKRs across your organization.

The below filter options are available for search in MY OKR tab

  • Periods: Current Period, Current FY and Current Str Period is selected as default. Add or remove periods as needed. Period is a required field.
  • Teams: Select one or more teams. Team is an optional field.
  • Ownership: At Least one Ownership is required.
    • Individual OKR (Owner) : Individual OKRs with Selected User/Users as Owner
    • Company/Team OKR (Owner): Company/Team OKR with Selected User/Users as Owner
    • Co-Owner: OKRs with Selected User/Users as Co-Owner
    • KR-Owner: OKRs with Selected User/Users as Owner for Key Results
    • KR-Contributor: OKRs with Selected User/Users as Contributors for Key Results
  • Users: Select one or more Users view OKRs for the Users. Users is an optional field
  • Tags: Enter a tag to search for OKRs with the tags. Tags is an optional field
  • Include Closed Objectives: Include Objectives in Closed Status
  • Include Strategic Pillars: Include Strategic Pillars Type OKRs

Once the filters have been entered, you can either click the "Apply" button to view the results for the entered filters or click "Save" to set the filters as the default filter values for the "MY OKR" tab. When a saved filter is available, the filter icon will be displayed in blue. If you wish to remove the saved filter and reset the filters to their default values, simply click "Reset".


When searching for OKRs, the search function will take into account all the fields that have been entered. If you wish to search for Objectives for a specific user across all teams, you can remove the team names from the team field. Similarly, if you want to search for a particular tag across the entire organization, you can select the appropriate periods, clear the team and individual fields, enter the tag in the tag field, and click "Apply" to view the search results.