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Share of Voice

Share of Voice (SOV) is a metric used in marketing and advertising to measure the relative amount of media coverage or online conversation a brand or product receives compared to its competitors. It is typically expressed as a percentage of total mentions or coverage. The higher the SOV, the more visibility and mindshare a brand or product has. SOV can be calculated across various media channels, such as television, print, online, and social media, and can be used to compare campaigns, products, or brands over time or across different regions or demographics.
The formula for calculating Share of Voice (SOV) is:

SOV = (Brand’s mentions / Total mentions) x 100

  • “Brand’s mentions” is the number of times the brand or product is mentioned in a specific medium or channel (e.g., number of times the brand is mentioned in a newspaper or on social media)
  • “Total mentions” is the total number of mentions of all brands or products in that same medium or channel.

For example, if a brand is mentioned 20 times in a newspaper and there are a total of 100 mentions of all brands in that newspaper, the brand’s SOV would be 20%.

SOV can also be calculated for specific time periods, or for specific demographics or regions, by adjusting the “Brand’s mentions” and “Total mentions” accordingly.

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