Goals, Performance Management, Gamification & Recognition

AI-Powered Salesforce App

100% native force.com application purpose built for Teams in Salesforce

Execute your strategy right in your CRM

Streamline OKRs, KPIs, Scorecard & Meetings together in Salesforce

Align Strategy & Goals
Accelerate growth by connecting individual & team goals with organizational strategy with OKRs in Salesforce
Track progress
Automatically track OKR progress accurately with Salesforce data to identify risks & opportunities early
Simple & Intuitive
Central Hub to manage, track and update OKRs and KPIs. Objective and team hierarchy to view alignment across your organization.
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Performance Scorecard & Contest

Elevate Performance Beyond Limits Unleash the Gamification Revolution

Supercharge Engagement & Drive Results with OKRify! Discover the ultimate solution that marries motivation and metrics seamlessly. With cutting-edge gamification, featuring Scorecard & Contest, watch your team's productivity soar as they compete and excel like never before.

Employee peer-to-peer recognition

Amplify Appreciation, Boost Morale - Unleash the power of recognition

Elevate your company culture by celebrating achievements seamlessly in Salesforce.
Transform ordinary moments into memorable milestones, fostering a motivated & engaged workforce like never before. Acknowledge & reward exceptional performance, fueling a positive work environment & driving employee satisfaction to new heights.

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Collaborative meeting agenda builder & action items

Productive team meetings and meaningful 1:1s in Salesforce. Build collaborative agenda, discuss OKRs & KPIs, record decisions and assign action items to make everyone accountable.

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Track business performance with real time metrics

Set targets & track real time metrics for business units or individuals, get a complete picture of business performance with KPI board. Connect KPIs to OKRs or Scorecard to put result centre-stage.

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