OKRify for Managers/Leaders

Elevate Your Team's Performance

Offer Clarity, Foster Alignment, Cultivate a Culture of Transparency & Accountability, and Inspire Your Employees through Recognition and Gamification

Visualize Strategy & Operations objectives

Define Strategy & Communicate with Clarity
Align Team & Individual Goals with Strategy
Set Cadence & Continuously Track Progress
Encourage Accountability across your team

Measure what matters most

Make Informed Decisions on real-time data
Connect KPIs & OKRs for Insightful Decisions
Get Complete Picture of Your Team’s performance
Be Agile to Identify Opportunities & Mitigate Risks

Energize Teams with Competitive Gamification

Cultivate Healthy Competitions through Contests
Effortlessly Monitor Performance with Scorecards
Drive Motivation and Recognition with Leaderboards
Transform Work into a Playful Engaging Experience

Motivate and engage employees with recognition

Acknowledge Achievements and Accomplishments
Celebrate Personal Milestones and Triumphs
Encourage Engagement with Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Analytics to Monitor Key Metrics for Team's Success

Personalized Coaching with 1:1 and Team Meetings

Collaborate on Agendas for 1:1 & Team Meetings
Assign Action Items & Track in Recurring Meetings
Engage Before, During & After Meetings to Boost Productivity
Real-time OKRs & KPIs in Meetings for Insightful Discussions