Measure what matters for your business with KPIs

Track business performance with real time key metrics against targets in one place without the need for multiple dashboards or reports

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Team & User KPIs
Team & User KPIs
Set KPIs for teams or users to track key metrics that matter to business performance of teams or users
KPI Board
KPI Board
Get complete picture of your business performance with complete historical view of all the KPIs in one view
Set Targets
Set Targets
Set targets for each KPIs for month, quarter or yearly and view historical performance against target
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Gettings started with KPIs is easier than ever

KPIs are simple and easy to setup as they are based on Salesforce Objects. Data from any Salesforce object can be setup as KPIs in minutes.

Create KPIs in minutes

Data from any Salesforce standard or custom object can be used to setup KPIs

Select Object & fields
Select the Object and the numeric field or count of records you want to track as a KPI
Apply filters
Apply any filters based on Salesforce Object or related Object fields to filter data that you need
Set Targets
Set the same target or different targets for each timeframe, targets can be set for monthly, quarterly or annually.
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Give context to your KPIs with OKRs

OKRify provides the perfect solution to bring together OKRs & KPIS in Salesforce to fuel your growth

It's demo time

Watch our demo video to check how it easy to track real-time metrics in Salesforce

  • Create KPIs
  • Set targets
  • Track real-time metrics
  • KPI Board to get big picture view

OKRify - One app for OKRs, Scorecard, KPIs and Meeting Management - The complete strategy execution application for Salesforce customers.

It’s pretty simple, just like our software. Sign up so you can see OKRify in action.

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