OKR Examples

OKR examples for departments/teams to inspire you

Writing good OKRs is the first and vital step for the adoption of the OKR framework and will set your organization on the path of success . OKRs provides a simple way to clearly define and communicate your goals.

Each OKR will have an objective and 3 to 5 Key Results, please follow the below guidelines to create your great OKR


  • Clear, concise and unambiguous
  • Inspirational
  • Add value to the organization

Key results

  • Measurable
  • Outcomes
  • Specific and verifiable

OKRs can be set at Company, Department/Team levels or Individual levels. OKRify allows you to create OKR for all these three levels easily through 1 simple intuitive UI.

Company OKR (Goals)

Company OKR/Goals are the strategic company goals that are set at the highest level and sets the direction for the entire organization.

Company goals are recommended to be set annually or for a shorter time frame. It is important for company goals to be clear, transparent and inspirational for all the employees in the organization.

OKRify provides the ability for everyone to view the company goals and check how the goals are tracked creating a culture of transparency and trust. This also allows organizations to clearly communicate their strategic goals and priorities across the company.

Here are some OKR examples that demonstrate how top companies use OKRs to drive growth and improve performance."

Click here to check how to Create a Company Goal in OKRify.

Team OKR

Team OKRs are 3 to 5 critical outcomes that the team wants to accomplish in the set time frame. Department or team OKRs should be aligned with the company OKRs and should support and contribute to the organization’s strategic priorities.

Team OKRs are typically set quarterly or for a shorter time frame. Teams can be a department or a cross-functional team working on a short term project or initiative. OKRify provides flexibility to set teams as needed and an employee can be in multiple teams and can contribute to any OKR in or outside his/her team.

OKRify Templates

OKRify also provides the ability to add any OKR as a template with a single click and anyone in your organization can reuse or inspire from it. OKR administrators can also add their own sample OKR templates in OKRify for guiding and inspiring their employees.

OKRify templates feature provides an easy and efficient way to manage and access OKR examples by everyone in the organization. OKRify templates are categorized by teams and users can search OKR templates by teams or keywords.