Run Productive Meetings Right in Salesforce CRM

Have effective team meetings and meaningful 1:1s, build collaborative meeting agendas, assign action items, view OKRs & KPIs

Set meeting agendas Collaboratively

Better clarify and improved communication for every meeting right within Salesforce
1:1 Meetings
Empower your team to run most important conversation with clear agenda, followup action items and history
Team Meetings
Run team meetings with shared agenda, action items, surveys, OKRs, KPIs & more

Build accountability with action items

Never followup after a meeting with assigned action items and clear due dates
Assign action items
End every meeting with clear next steps and action items assigned to the right person
Hub & Weekly digest
One central place to view all open items and weekly digest for action items & meetings

Why Meetings?

OKRify’s meeting is 100% native Salesforce application that is build for Salesforce customers

Simple & Intuitive
Easy to use, intuitive UI to set agenda, action item, collaborate with comments in Salesforce
Improve collaboration and communication across your teams before and after every meeting
Automatically carry over open items and action items to the next meeting.
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We made this app to solve your problems.

Team Management
Meeting hub to manage your team meetings and 1:1s and team meetings in one place and view history
Automatically add OKRs & KPIs real time progress in 1:1s and team meetings, collaborate with comments
Custom Sections
Customize your meetings with custom sections of agendas, action items, questions, or multiple choice
Standardise meetings across teams or organization with templates, create templates with a click and save time
Collaborate on any item including agenda, action item, OKR and KPI through simple chat
Get response from all the meeting attendees with questions and multiple options items

It's demo time

Watch our demo video to check how it easy to run effective meetings (1:1, team or cross functional meetings) in Salesforce

  • Set agenda collaboratively
  • Assign action items
  • Carry forward open items for recurring meetings
  • Collaborate with comments, reactions & more

OKRify - One app for OKRs, Scorecard, Contest and Meeting Management - The complete strategy execution application for Salesforce customers.

It’s pretty simple, just like our software. Sign up so you can see OKRify in action.

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