Run Competitions at Scale Right in Salesforce to Accelerate Team Productivity

Gamify your team with contests in Salesforce

Drive participation and foster Sense of achievement

User Competition
Unleash the excitement of friendly competition among your users with our cutting-edge contest gamification software
Team Competition
Fuel a spirit of healthy rivalry and collaboration by orchestrating exhilarating team-based contests using our advanced gamification software
Elevate engagement and motivation by showcasing participants rankings on interactive leaderboards

Effortlessly manage impactful competitions within Salesforce

OKRify Contest reduces competition setup time by over 80%. Enable managers to host frequent spiffs, enhancing team engagement and productivity

  • Set up competitions within minutes, directly in Salesforce
  • User-to-user or team-to-team, run dynamic contests
  • One or multiple KPIs from any Salesforce Object
  • Assign personalized targets to each user or team

Foster an Achievement-Driven Culture with Interactive Leaderboards

Engage in real-time leaderboard tracking through OKRify Contest. Seamlessly integrated into Salesforce, our leaderboards ignite competition, inspire participants, and yield impactful outcomes.

  • Instantly monitor user or team progress
  • Enjoy a user-friendly & intuitive leaderboard design
  • Track every KPI value & target across all participants
  • Experience live tracking tied to any Salesforce object

Challenge your team to new heights with user and team contests!

Level up your competitions with one-on-one and team challenges. These are perfect for motivating top performers and boosting team performance to new levels.

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OKRify - One app for OKRs, Scorecard, Contest and Meeting Management - The complete strategy execution application for Salesforce customers.

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