OKRify for HR

Unlock Excellence with OKR Software: Align, Track, & Elevate Performance

Shape Company's strategic direction, Set team & individual goals, and Motivate employees through Recognition & Performance Review

Align Strategy Across All Teams

Clearly communicate strategic goals to all
Align team & employee objectives with strategy
Continuously track what matters to seize Opportunities & mitigate Risks
AI-powered suggestions for optimizing OKRs

Engage and Inspire Employees through Recognition

Acknowledge and Celebrate Achievements
Award Exceptional Performance
Promote Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Foster High Energy and Engagement within Team

Collaborative 1:1 and Team Meetings Made Easy

Collaboratively Plan Meeting Agenda for 1:1 & Team meetings
Assign Action Items & Track Progress with ease
Enhanced Collaboration with any Salesforce records in meetings
Focused & Productive Meetings with Real-time OKRs and KPIs

Tailored Performance Reviews at Your Fingertips (Coming Soon)

Flexible Performance Review Solution for every team
Manager Review, Self Review & Peer-to-Peer Reviews
Simplified Review-Cycle that suits your organization
Run Annual or Quarterly Performance Reviews