OKRify for Nonprofits

OKR (Objective and Key Results) methodology has been adopted successfully across many for-profit organizations for more than two decades, and recently nonprofits are also starting to adopt this goal setting and strategy execution framework.

OKR is a simple, intuitive and agile methodology that can benefit nonprofits to achieve their desired outcomes better and faster. OKRs create alignment within the organization, putting everyone on the same path while providing a framework for tracking progress.

OKR framework can benefit nonprofits evenmore as they face many unique challenges such as keeping focus on the mission, measuring success clearly, working with volunteers, engaging external funding or government agencies.

OKR framework can help non-profit organizations with

  • Keep focus on key strategic mission
  • Clearly communicating strategy to everyone involved in the organization
  • Setting expectations for employees and volunteers
  • Building a culture of accountability and transparency
  • Providing clear view of employee’s and volunteer’s contributions towards the strategic mission
  • Encourage to be ambitious and set stretch goals

Adopting the OKR framework can be challenging for nonprofits as OKR demands a shift in focus to outcomes. OKR is about measuring success based on outcome based metrics rather than just measuring the progress with the number of activities or steps completed.

This change can be challenging but it can also help nonprofits focus on the outcomes they create, align everyone towards their mission and measure success when there are not clear metrics to measure their success. The benefits of OKR framework provides far outweigh the challenges in its adoption.

It is important to follow the best practices when adopting the OKR framework to get the best out of this great tool. One of the key best practices is to choose a software application that is simple, easy to use and makes OKR adoption easier for everyone involved.

OKRIfy is that software application that is simple, intuitive, easy to use and improves OKR adoption by allowing to have OKRs right in the same platform where most of the other business activities are carried out. OKRify is the only 100% native Salesforce application that brings together the below user-friendly tools for goal setting and strategy execution

OKRify Capabilities

  • Goal Alignment & Tracking
    Create company, team and individual OKRs in Salesforce. Align team and individual goals with strategic company OKRs to ensure focussed execution. Automatically track progress with Salesforce data such as Programs, Grants, Contacts, etc using Salesforce Reports, KPIs or Sobject features in OKRify.

  • Collaborative Meetings
    Run productive 1:1, team or even cross-functional meetings in Salesforce. Set agenda collaboratively, assign action items, manage meetings notes and view OKRs & KPIs in one place saving time and tracking things that matter all in Salesforce.

  • KPI & Scorecard
    Set targets and track real-time progress with KPIs and Scorecards. Leaderboard provides one place to track multiple KPIs for all the team members.

Check how Smartfish, a social nonprofit is using OKRify to align employees with strategy and salesforce data

Try OKRify in AppExchange

Trial or test drive OKRify in Salesforce AppExchange. It takes minutes to set up and start using Salesforce in your organization. Please reach out to [email protected] for assistance with setup or questions. We also provide free sessions on how to implement the OKR framework in your organization.

Special Offer for Non-Profit Organizations

We offer 10 free licenses or special discounts for nonprofit organizations. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Supported Salesforce Licenses

OKRify works with almost all Salesforce licenses such as

  • Standard User
  • Standard Platform User
  • Force.com Free User
  • Force.com App Subscription User
  • Partner App Subscription User
  • Limited Access User

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions about Salesforce licenses or OKRify licenses.

OKR Methodology Free Training & Consulting

Please reach out to us if you want to learn more about OKR methodology and understand how it can help your organization. We have assisted many customers including nonprofits in adopting OKRs for achieving better business outcomes and would be happy to share our experience and best practices with you and your organization.