Why it make sense to have OKRs in Salesforce CRM ?

OKR is the go-to strategy execution and goal management framework in the industry. After being made popular by Intel and Google, OKR is used by organizations of all sizes from startups to Fortune 100 as the tool to enable rapid growth.OKR is simple, easy to understand, and provides the benefits of clarity, transparency, alignment, engagement, and focus across the organization which are essential for driving faster growth.

Adopting OKR in an organization is not a one-off event; it is a process of cultural transformation that changes how everyone in an organization from the CEO to the last employee views and does their work. As much as the OKR framework is about objectives and measuring them, it is also about the cultural change of transparency and commitment that it brings to the organization.Salesforce is the top CRM application in the market, and many organizations also use it for other areas of their business, such as service, finance, human resources, etc.

For Salesforce customers, Salesforce will be the best place to manage their OKRs. OKRs in Salesforce will enable organizations to efficiently execute their strategy and engage their employees . Why have OKRs in a different application when they can be right in Salesforce where employees are spending most of their time doing critical business activities and most of the business data resides.

User Adoption

Considering the above,having OKR in the right place is very important for it to be effective. OKR framework provides employees with a clear understanding of their goals, how these goals are measured, and how their work is contributing to the overall business. If employees are clearly able to see and keep track of their goals in the same place where they do their work, it will help them have better alignment with the company’s mission and help them focus on the things that matter without distraction. Success of the OKR framework, or for that matter any tool, depends on user adoption. OKR in Salesforce will also reduce the time and effort needed for user training as employees are already familiar with Salesforce and many of its features such as reports and dashboards, enabling a smoother adoption.

Business Data

Tracking goals is an important part of the OKR framework; it is vital to accurately track how the objectives are progressing in order for an organization to identify risks and opportunities early and in order to be agile and make necessary adjustments needed to get the desired outcomes.

Salesforce customers are using it not just as a CRM but as a platform. Customers are using Salesforce applications and AppExchange products and are also building custom solutions in the Salesforce Platform for their business processes. Salesforce technology is generally a system of record (SOR) for many business processes, be it sales, service, HR, or marketing. Additionally, many applications are already tightly integrated with Salesforce, and that data is also readily available in Salesforce.

Managing OKRs in the same system as the system of records can immensely help in tracking the objectives accurately in a timely fashion, can reduce the manual effort needed for employees to update the objectives with data from other systems, and can eliminate cost and complexity in integrating the system of records with the OKR application.

Power of Platform

Salesforce is the number one cloud platform and provides the most secure, robust, and scalable technology in the market that also comes loaded with best-in-class platform features for automation, reporting, dashboards, etc.Your business team is already familiar with the platform and understands the features it provides. Your IT teams have used it for years and know how to manage the applications, support it, and add customization if required. Why add complexity to your already complex IT landscape by bringing another application for OKR when it can exist and thrive in Salesforce? Having OKR in Salesforce will considerably reduce the effort needed from IT support for user management, security, integration, training, customization, etc.

OKRify is a 100% native Salesforce application, is purposefully-built for Salesforce customers, and inherits all of Salesforce’s platform’s default capabilities and security features. OKRify provides the most intuitive, user-friendly application to manage OKRs and brings best-of-the-breed features for strategy execution and goal management right in Salesforce. OKRify is guaranteed to add more value for Salesforce investment. OKR in Salesforce with OKRify will provide the best opportunity for easier and faster user adoption of the OKR framework.