1:1 Weekly Sales Rep / Sales Manager Meeting Template


Thank you for visiting our Weekly Sales Rep / Sales Manager Meeting Template! We understand that regular check-ins between sales representatives and their managers are critical to meeting sales targets and maintaining strong customer relationships. That is why we developed this template to assist you in holding productive and meaningful one-on-one meetings.

These weekly meetings are a great way to stay in touch, review progress, and identify any potential roadblocks or challenges. By communicating with your sales reps on a regular basis, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page, motivated, and has the resources they need to succeed.

Our template is intended to provide structure and direction for your one-on-one meetings while allowing for flexibility and open discussion. It covers important topics like sales performance, pipeline progress, and customer feedback, and it encourages sales reps and managers to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

We encourage you to adapt the template to meet the specific needs of your sales team and to make these meetings an important and meaningful part of your sales process. You can help your team achieve their sales goals by using this template to establish a regular cadence for one-on-one meetings.


1:1, Sales, Weekly Meeting

Taking points

  • Weekly Check-in and highlights
  • Was the last meeting useful towards achieving your goal?
  • What are the things that are working for you?
  • What are the things you have obstacles or need help with?

Deal/Pipeline Review & Coaching

  • Closed deals & Learnings
  • Overdue deals
  • Open pipeline
  • New pipeline items
  • Lost deals & Learnings

Action items

  • Update Opportunities status
  • Update forecast /amount based on current opportunity status

Weekly Feedback

How are you feeling about work?

  • Satisfied Neutral
  • Not Satisfied

How is your work life balance?

  • Good
  • Not Bad

Thank you for utilising our Weekly Sales Rep / Sales Manager Meeting Template, and best wishes in your efforts to build a high-performing sales team.

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