What you can do with OKRify ?

  • Set meeting agenda collaborative with your team
  • Assign action items
  • Collaborate with meeting notes, comments, etc
  • Set goals and track with OKRs & KPIs

OKR Meeting

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) meetings are a way for teams to align their work with the overall goals and objectives of the organization. A well-structured OKR meeting template can help to ensure that the meetings are productive and effective in achieving the team's goals. A basic OKR meeting template should include:

Introduction: A brief overview of the purpose of the meeting and the objectives to be achieved.

Review of current OKRs: A section for the team to review their current OKRs and provide an update on their progress.

Discussion of roadblocks: A section for the team to discuss and address any obstacles or roadblocks that are preventing them from achieving their OKRs.

Set new OKRs: A section for the team to set new OKRs for the next period and align them with the company's objectives.

Assign action items: A section for the team to assign specific action steps to be taken to achieve the new OKRs.

Review progress: A section for the team to review the progress on their previous OKRs and make adjustments as necessary.

Conclusion: A section to summarize key points discussed and reaffirm the commitment to achieving the team's OKRs.

It's important that the meeting leader ensures that the team members are familiar with the OKR framework and have a clear understanding of their objectives and key results, Also, the meeting leader should ensure that everyone is prepared, and come to the meeting with clear goals and objectives. OKR meetings are an important tool to keep the team focus and aligned with the company's objectives, and to make sure the team is making progress towards achieving the goals.

Quarterly OKR Review Meeting Template
OKR Review Meeting is important part of the OKR process to understand what worked and what did not work, also OKR is an agile methodology
Quarterly OKRs/Goals Planning Meeting Template
Deciding the right OKRs to focus is a key to success of an organization or a team, this template provides a template for the planning meeting to review last quarters OKRs and draft OKRs for the new quarter.
Weekly OKR Check-in Meeting Template
Continuous OKR progress update is important in managing OKR Goals and to make agile decisions to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities that arise. OKR Check-in meetings are essential for agile decision making and strategy execution
Quarterly OKRs/Goals Setting Meeting Template
This template can be used for setting OKRs/goals with your team members