Weekly OKR Check-in Meeting Template


Continuous OKR progress update is important in managing OKR Goals and to make agile decisions to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities that arise. OKR Check-in meetings are essential for agile decision making and strategy execution


OKR, OKR Check-in

OKRs (OKR Current Status)


KPIs (KPI Current Status)


Taking points

  • Things that are working well
  • Things that are not working well
  • Obstacles or blockers you have
  • Support and resources required


  • Update OKR progress for next week

Weekly Feedback

How are you feeling about work?

  • Satisfied Neutral
  • Not Satisfied

How is your work life balance?

  • Good
  • Not Bad
What you can do with OKRify ?
  • Set meeting agenda collaborative with your team
  • Assign action items
  • Collaborate with meeting notes, comments, etc
  • Set goals and track with OKRs & KPIs