What you can do with OKRify ?

  • Set meeting agenda collaborative with your team
  • Assign action items
  • Collaborate with meeting notes, comments, etc
  • Set goals and track with OKRs & KPIs


A one-on-one meeting template is a valuable tool for organizing and structuring these meetings. A basic template should include:

Introduction: A brief overview of the purpose of the meeting and the objectives to be achieved.

Employee's update: An opportunity for the employee to provide an update on their work, progress, and any relevant information.

Performance review: A section for providing feedback and discussing areas for improvement.

Goals: A section to align employee's goals with the company's objectives, and provide guidance and support.

Career development: A section to discuss opportunities for training, mentoring, and professional growth.

Problem-solving: A section to address specific issues and work on finding solutions.

Action items: A section to outline specific action steps to be taken as a result of the meeting.

Conclusion: A section to summarize key points discussed and reaffirm the commitment to achieving objectives.

It's important to adjust the template to the specific needs of each meeting and the attendees, come prepared with clear goals and objectives, and use the template as a guide rather than a rigid structure. One-on-one meetings are an important tool for building trust, aligning goals and helping the employee's growth and development.

1:1 Weekly Meeting Template
Weekly 1:1 meetings gives employee and manager time to discuss employee goals, challenges, support required and next action items.
First 1:1 Meeting Template
Template for the first 1:1 meeting that will provide a great start, icebreaker and set expectations clearly
Top 3 Deals Coaching Template
Coach Sales Rep with the top three deals and help them achieve their goals close to the end of the quarter
1:1 Annual Career Growth Meeting Template
This meeting templates can help provide structure to the important career growth/progress discussion managers should have with their employees.
Skip Level Meeting Template
Skip level meetings are a key tool available for middle and top management to interact directly with employees to understand employees concerns, obstacles, opportunities, career development goals, motivations, etc.
1:1 Weekly Sales Rep/ Sales Manager Meeting Template
Weekly 1:1 meetings gives Sales Rep and Sales Manager time to review deal statuses, learnings, obstacles and provide opportunity for managers to provide coaching on the deals.
1:1 Performance Improvement Plan(PIP) Meeting Template
This meeting templates can help provide structure to the important Performance Improvement Plan meetings that is required for employees who performance needs improvement
1-on-1 Employee Job Satisfaction Meeting Template
Employee satisfaction is key to retain employees in this dynamic market. This meeting template can help provide structure to the important Job Satisfaction meetings managers and HRs should have with employees regularly.
Quarterly 1:1 Performance Review Meeting Templates
Performance review meetings give opportunity for managers to provide recognition, feedback, and coach to employees. It also provides employees to communicate their goals, priorities, feedback and obstacles to their managers.
Sales Team Weekly/Monthly Meeting Template
This template is for weekly/monthly meetings for Sales Teams.