Quarterly 1:1 Performance Review Meeting Templates


Templates for Quarterly 1:1 Performance Reviews! As a manager or supervisor, giving your team members regular feedback is critical for their growth and development, as well as the success of your organisation. The quarterly 1:1 performance review meeting is an effective tool for assessing your team members' progress, providing constructive feedback, setting goals, and discussing any challenges they may be experiencing. This page will provide you with an example of a meeting template, including agendas, checklists, and templates for capturing feedback and action items. These resources will assist you in conducting effective and efficient performance review meetings that result in tangible results, whether you are a seasoned manager or just starting out.


1:1, Performance Review


  • What are the key accomplishments of last quarter?
  • Analyze the impact you made to your team last quarter?
  • What are the positive learnings from last quarter?
  • What are things that did not go well last quarter?
  • What are the areas of improvement that you need to focus on?
  • Do you feel you are moving in the right direction in your career development goals?
  • What are the obstacles or blockers that you have?
  • What support do you need from management?


  • What are your goals for next quarter?
  • How are your goals aligned with the team and company goals?
  • What are the training and career development activities you are planning next quarter?

Performance Review

  • How do you feel about your performance review?
  • What did you learn from the performance review?
  • What do you see as the key opportunities for your growth?
  • Do you have feedback about the performance review process?
What you can do with OKRify ?
  • Set meeting agenda collaborative with your team
  • Assign action items
  • Collaborate with meeting notes, comments, etc
  • Set goals and track with OKRs & KPIs