View Recognition

The main section in the recognition page displays all the latest recognitions, awards and events for your organization.

Here's how you can interact with each of these features:

Recognition, Awards and Events

  • For each post, you have the option to show your appreciation by liking the post or leaving a comment.
  • The "Like" button is located at the bottom of every post, allowing you to quickly express your approval. The count of total likes received is also visible.
  • Engage in discussions by viewing and adding comments to the post. You can include text and emojis to enhance your comments and communicate effectively.

Additionally, the page is equipped with filter options at the top, allowing you to refine your view:

Company/Teams Filter

Choose between viewing posts from the entire company or filter them to show posts from specific teams. This helps you focus on content relevant to your interests.

Content Type Filter

Customize your view based on the type of content. You can explore all posts, or filter to see only recognition, awards, events,scorecard,contest or OKR..

These filter options empower you to efficiently access content that aligns with your preferences, ensuring that your engagement with recognition, awards, and events is both convenient and tailored to your needs.

At the top of this page, you'll notice two prominent icons: the "Home" button and the "Filter" button. These icons offer enhanced functionality for seamless navigation and content customization.

Home Button:

By clicking the "Home" button, you can swiftly return to the main home view from anywhere on the page. This spares you the need to scroll back to the top, ensuring a more convenient browsing experience.

Filter Button:

  • The "Filter" button provides you with the capability to tailor your view of recognitions, awards, and events to your preferences.
  • With this filter, you can opt to view only recognitions, only awards, only events, or all of them combined, depending on your interest.
  • Additionally, you have the flexibility to define a specific time period using the start and end date options. This enables you to focus on content within a certain timeframe.
  • You can also refine your view by selecting the individuals whose recognitions, awards, or events you wish to see. This can involve single or multiple users, allowing you to curate your content based on specific contributors.

Furthermore, if you're interested in a particular person's contributions, you can choose one or multiple individuals to view their recognitions, awards, or events that have been made public.

These added functionalities, in conjunction with the "Home" button and the "Filter" button, empower you to navigate efficiently and personalize your experience when exploring recognitions, awards, and events.