Upcoming Celebrations/Events

In the "Upcoming Celebrations" section, you'll be able to anticipate and prepare for events happening in the upcoming week, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, and wedding anniversaries of both your team members and the entire company. This feature is designed to keep you informed and engaged in the celebratory spirit.

Here's how you can interact with this feature:

Viewing Upcoming Events:

  • Within the "Upcoming Celebrations" section, you can easily access events scheduled for the coming week.
  • You have the convenience of categorizing these events into two tabs: "My Team" and "Company." The "My Team" tab displays events specific to your team members, while the "Company" tab showcases events across the entire organization.

Adding Comments to Events:

  • Should you wish to convey your well wishes or thoughts about an upcoming event, you have the option to leave comments.
  • By clicking on the event of interest, you'll be able to access a comment box where you can type your message.
  • The comments you compose will be stored and posted when the respective event occurs. This ensures that your warm wishes are shared at the right time.

This feature aims to enhance your involvement in the joyous occasions of your colleagues and the company as a whole. By offering event details, personalized team tabs, and the ability to leave timely comments, you'll be able to engage more meaningfully with your team members' and organization's milestones.