Update Key Result Progress

Key Result progress is updated in Hub, owner or contributor of a Key Result can update progress.


  1. Go to Hub
  2. Find the Objective in My OKR
    All objectives for which the user is owner or contributor will be displayed in My OKR.
  3. Expand the Objective
    View the Key Results for the Objective
  4. Click on Key Result for which progress needs to be updated
  5. Update the progress
    Move the progress bar for each task to update the progress made for each task. The task’s progress are in percentage and along with its weight the Key Result’s progress is calculated.
  6. Select confidence
    Select appropriate confidence of achieving the target as per the current status.
  7. Enter notes (Optional)
    Enter notes if required. Notes can be viewed in the KR History Tab.
  8. Save the Update.
  9. KR Trend graph will be updated based on the progress. The KR History tab will also be updated with the latest progress.