User Preferences

User preferences features offer greater flexibility and control over how you view and track your goals and progress in OKRify. We believe that these updates will help you stay informed and engaged in achieving your objectives and key results.

User Preferences can be set in Hub by clicking the Filter Icon.

Please follow the below steps to set your user preferences.

1.  In the top right corner of the hub, click on the "Filter" icon.

2. A popup window will appear with different options. Click on the "User Preferences" option located in the right tab.

3. In the User Preferences window, you can find the following options:

  • Default Team: Choose your default team.
  • My OKR Grouping: Group your objectives by team or period, or choose no grouping.
  • Reportees Grouping: Group Reportees objectives by owner or period or team.
  • Team Grouping: Group team objectives by owner or period, or choose no grouping.
  • My OKR Window: Set your preferred view for OKRs, KPIs, or Scorecards.
  • Team Window: Set your preferred view for team OKRs or KPIs.
  • KR Notification Email: Enable or disable KR notification email option.
  • Future OKRs: Enable or disable the option to view future objectives in the hub.