AI Templates

AI Templates provides the new feature of getting OKR suggestions driven by the revolutionary power of OpenAI – the same cutting-edge technology behind chatGPT

Access “AI Templates” from hub by clicking the “Create OKR from Templates” icon and navigate to the “AI Templates” tab.

In the "AI Templates" tab, you can input a text to prompt the Open AI for OKR suggestions. For example, you can enter text like "Increase sales revenue to record levels" or "Expand to a new market." There's no need to include phrases like "generate OKR" or "suggest OKR" in the text as these prompts to generate OKR suggestions are already built in.

After inputting your text, hit the "Submit" button and await the OKR suggestions. Typically, these suggestions include three Key Results. To incorporate any of the suggestions, simply click the "Create OKR" button to seamlessly import the data into the "Create OKR" page.

From there, you can proceed to fill in the remaining details such as weights or modify the OKR as needed, allowing you to craft your very own set of objectives and key results.