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Hub is the centralized place for managing OKRs, KPIs, and Scorecards.

To facilitate easy access to OKRs and KPIs, the following tabs are provided:

  • My OKR - This tab, by default, displays all OKRs for which the user is an Objective owner, KR owner, or KR contributor. Users can also use filters to change the OKRs displayed on this tab. KPIs and Scorecard for the User are displayed in the side window.
  • Reportees - This tab is available only for managers and displays OKRs for team members including individual, private and team OKRs.
  • Company - Displays Company OKRs and KPIs.
  • Team - Each team in which the user is a member is displayed as a separate tab. The Team tab displays all the OKRs assigned to the team, along with KPIs in a side panel.

Each tab in Hub is equipped with filters that allow users to modify the OKRs displayed on the tab. Filters can be saved for each tab, and the saved filter will be set as the default filter for the tab. If a tab has a saved filter, the filter icon will be displayed in blue. Users can reset filters using the reset button provided in each tab. For more information on filters, please refer to the Hub filters documentation.

The following functions are possible in Hub


Hub has tabs for My OKR, Company and Tabs for user’s teams. In each tab, Objectives are displayed along with KPIs and OKR dashboard.