Team OKR

Clicking on a Team Tab in Hub will display the Team’s Objectives assigned to Current Period and Current FY. If a user is assigned to many teams click the more button and select the right team for which you want to view the Objectives.

Objectives of the team selected will be displayed along with KPIs and/or OKR dashboard in the side window for the team.

Quick Filters

Quick filters are available to quickly filter for OKRs(My OKR/Team OKRs) based on the below criteria

  • All OKRs
  • OKRs in Pause status
  • OKRs in Draft status
  • OKRs in Active status
  • OKRs in high/very high risk

Group OKRs

OKRs in Company tab can be grouped by using the Grouping Icon The following options are available to group OKRs.

  • Group by None
  • Group by Period
  • Group by Owner