View KPIs in Hub (User and Team KPIs)

KPIs enable tracking real-time metrics based on any Salesforce Object. KPIs can be tracked in one central place – Hub along with OKRs in OKRify. KPIs can be set for users and teams to continuously monitor performance. From the hub, you can

  • Click + to create a new KPI
  • Click to pin remove or reorder a KPI to your user or team tabs in Hub (Managers only).
  • View KPIs for users and teams
Follow the steps to view KPIs in Hub

  • Go to Hub
    KPIs added to users will be available in the My OKR tab. KPIs for teams will be available in the team tabs, click on a team tab to view team KPIs. For each KPI, the current value and target(Optional) are displayed in the Hub. The color of the progress bar shows the risk based on the current and expected progress for the KPI. Hovering over the current value will provide more details on the KPI value. For advanced KPI, hovering over the current value will show details of the values used to calculate the advanced KPI. Target and progress bar will not be displayed for KPIs with no target.
  • View current progress
    Click the progress icon to view the current progress graph. (For advanced KPIs only history is available.)
  • View KPI History
    Click KPI History to display the KPI history. The time range for KPI history is based on start and end dates in KPI. For each period the progress and the target are displayed.
  • View Records
    Click View Records to view the records behind the value for the current time frame. Click the filter to add additional fields to view. Additional filters can be saved as default in Create/Edit KPI screens. (View Records is only available for Simple KPIs)