Navigate Objective Hierarchy

Objective hierarchy shows how team and individual objectives are aligned with company goals, all objectives that are aligned to the company level objectives or an objective aligned to the company level objectives are shown in Objective hierarchy.

Any objectives that are not aligned directly or indirectly with any company goals are not shown in the Objective hierarchy. All objectives are shown in the team hierarchy under each team.

Objective hierarchy by default displays all the company level objectives for the current period, current FY or current strategic period. Each objective’s name and progress % are displayed and colored based on the objective’s risk level, also the objective’s team, Owner and Period are also shown for each objective.

Next level of objectives can be viewed by clicking the expand button for each objective. Expand and Collapse icons can be used to view different levels of objectives aligned to the company objectives.

- Open vision statement for the organization. Vision statement can be entered in the teams tab for the Company level team.

- Filters for Objective Periods and Status, add or remove filters to view Objectives based on the filters. By default, the Objective Hierarchy will display all active objectives within the current periods, including Current Period, Current FY, and Current Str Period OKRs.

- Zoom in Objective Hierarchy

- Zoom out Objective Hierarchy

- Expand all Objectives

- Click to open Key Results for each objectives


Objective hierarchy will only display OKRs that are linked with the Company OKRs.

Ensure all the relevant periods and statuses are selected to display the Objective correctly.