View risk and progress for Objectives and Key Results

Hub is the central place to manage, view and track OKRs and KPIs in OKRIfy. In My OKR or any team or company tabs OKRs are displayed with the current progress, risk and the current confidence entered by the users.

An Objective’s progress is shown in percentage, it is the weighted average progress of the Key Results in the Objective. Objectives are color-coded based on the risk calculated by OKRify, risk for an Objective or Key Results are calculated based on the current progress against the current target progress that should have been achieved. Current target progress is the weighted average progress of the Key Results in the Objective. There are five possible risk values for an Objective – very high risk, high risk, medium risk, low risk and very low risk.The color for the risk can be changed in the OKRify settings.

For Example: If the current progress for an Objective is 10% and the target progress is 60% then the Objective is in very high risk.

Similar to Objectives, Key Results progress, risk and confidence are displayed in Hub. The risk for Key Results are calculated similar to Objectives with current progress and target progress of the Key Result. Key Results can also have the same five possible risks as Objectives. The latest confidence for the Key Results are displayed and the weighted average confidence of the Key Results is the displayed confidence for the Objective.

All the objects in your Salesforce org with the same topic will be displayed. Click on Objective or KPI to view the details.