Create new Salesforce Dashboard

Similar to reports, Salesforce also provides the ability to create Dashboards in which reports or charts based on reports can be easily added. OKRify provides the following pre built dashboards

  • Org Risk (Current Qtr)
  • Team (Current Qtr)
  • Insights (Current Qtr)
  • Company Objectives
  • Team Review (Last Qtr)
  • Org Review (Last Qtr)
  • Review (All periods)
To create a new Dashboard

  • Go to Dashboard and click New Dashboard.
  • Enter Name for Dashboard, Description and select a folder. If a new folder is required create a new folder before saving the dashboard.

  • Click Component to add a new component to the Salesforce Dashboard

  • Select the report you want to add to Salesforce Dashboard and click Select.

  • Select “Use chart settings from Report” or select a chart type to use in the custom Salesforce Dashboard. Once a chart type is selected, the chart can be viewed as a preview.

  • Add more components and resize each component as required. Save the custom Dashboard.