OKR Buttons for Related Salesforce Objects

OKR buttons to add a related list to Salesforce objects. Below are the three buttons that can be added to related list

  • Create OKR – Button to go to the Create OKR page
  • OKR Hub – Button to go the OKRify Hub Page
  • OKR Link – Link to view the OKR

Note: Add the object as a lookup field in Objective field

Steps to add Create OKR and OKR Hub to related list of an Object

  1. Go to Setup -> Object Manager
  2. Go to Page Layout
  3. Go to Related Lists

4.Find Objective in the related list and click properties

5.Deselect New and Change Owner

6.Scroll down to Custom Buttons

7.Add Create OKR and OKR Hub to Selected buttons. Click Ok.

8.Select OKR Link into selected fields
Both buttons and links are added to related list