Edit/View OKR

An OKR can be edited or viewed directly from Hub, click Open on any OKR in the hub to edit or view an OKR. OKR can be edited by the OKR Owner, users with edit access for the team, and users with permission to edit all OKRs, other users can view the OKR.

Once progress is updated for a Key Result, UOM for the Key Result cannot be changed. Other details in the Key Result can be changed but changing values in a Key Result for which progress is updated can affect the current progress.

A new Key Result can be added an existing OKR, Key Results can also be deleted both would require adjustment of the weights assigned to the Key Results.

Click Save & Activate to save OKRs in Active status. Click Save if an OKR is draft status and wants to save the changes in Draft status. OKR can also be paused or closed. When closing OKR, we highly recommend to enter the OKR score and closing notes.