Team Contest

The user's view on the team contests provides an overview of the user team’s current position and progress within the competition. This perspective also offers visibility into the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), showcasing the team’s ongoing progress in these areas.

Team Contest View

The user can view information about all their team’s KPIs for them in the contest including their current progress and targets (if target is set for a KPI).

Leaderboard View

If the leaderboard is activated for the contest, users can view the comprehensive leaderboard that presents information about the standing of all the teams.

Detailed Leaderboard View

Users can also view the detailed leaderboard by clicking . In the detailed leaderboard view users can view details about the team's KPI values across all participating teams, thus providing a deeper understanding of their progress and performance.

Contest info button provides information about the contest including prizes, contest managers, start date and end date.