Strategic Pillar

A strategic pillar is a key area of focus that an organization uses to guide its decision-making and shape its long-term plans and actions. Strategic pillars are often used as a framework for strategic planning, which is the process of defining an organization's direction and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this direction.

Strategic pillars are often derived from an organization's mission and vision statements, which outline its purpose and goals. They provide a way to prioritize and focus efforts and resources on the most important areas for the organization.

For example, an organization might have strategic pillars such as customer satisfaction, innovation, cost efficiency, and sustainability. These pillars would then guide the organization's efforts in areas such as product development, operations, marketing, and other business functions.

Overall, strategic pillars help an organization stay aligned with its long-term goals and stay competitive in its industry.

Create Strategic Pillar

Strategic Pillar is created similar to OKR in the Create OKR page. Follow the below steps to create strategic pillar

1.Go to OKRify Hub  

2.Create Create button to open the Create OKR Screen

3.Select the Strategic Pillar option by selecting from the dropdown

4.Enter the following fields

  • Name
  • Period
  • Co-owners (Optional)
  • Notes (Optional)

5.Click Save to save in draft status or Click Save & Activate to activate the Strategic Pillar

Strategic Pillars will not have any Key Results and will not have progress for them. Strategic Pillar should be used to align OKRs under the Strategic Pillars. Strategic Pillars can be selected as a Parent Objective in the Parent Objective field in the Create OKR page.
Strategic Pillars will be available in Hub and Objective Hierarchy.