Create Link KR Key Result

Link KR Key Result can be used when Key Result from one OKR needs to be referenced in another OKR. All the details from the original Key Result including Key Result Name will be automatically updated in the new Key Result and the progress will be automatically updated based on the original Key Result.

Key Result Referencing Other Key Result

To create a Link KR, follow the steps provided in the create OKR to enter objective fields, and for the Key Result follow the below steps

1.Select Unit as Link KR

2.Click the icon and search for the Key Result you want to reference. (Search needs at least 3 characters to show results)

3.Select the required Key Results, all fields from the original Key Result will be added in the new Key Result

4.Enter the required weight for the Key Result
Add more Key Results if required and Save or Save & Activate the OKR. Progress for link KR is automatically updated through a batch program based on the progress of the referenced Key Result.