Sample Sobject

Sobject Key Results will automatically update progress based on data from a Salesforce Object. Below are a few examples of how you can set up filters for Sobjects. Please contact OKRify support if you have questions regarding setting up Sobject.

Example 1: Sum of Amount for closed Opportunity of type Upgrade or Replacement closed in Q2 2022.

To create a Sobject Key Result, follow the steps provided in create OKR to enter objective fields and for the Key Result follow the below steps

Example 2: Average deal size of closed Opportunities from lead source of web or phone inquiry closed in Q2 2022.

Example 3: Number of accounts of type Direct or Channel that are active from US or Mexico created in Q2 2022

Example 4: Lead from partners referral created in Q2 2022

Example 5: Number of accounts from USA, Canada and Mexico