Hierarchy Tab

In the Hierarchy tab, you can access a comprehensive view of all your organization's OKRs from different perspectives, all in one place. The available items are:

Objective Hierarchy: This view showcases the hierarchical structure of Objectives, helping you understand the relationship between different goals and their alignment across the organization.

Objectives (By Parent): This new view presents OKRs grouped together based on their parent Objectives. It offers a simple and efficient way to examine all OKRs under a parent Objective in one consolidated view.

Team Hierarchy: With this view, you can explore the OKRs organized by teams, gaining insights into team-specific objectives and their collective progress.

Heat Map: The Heat Map visually represents the progress of all OKRs, allowing you to quickly identify areas of success and areas that require attention.

These views collectively empower you to assess and strategize the organization's OKRs from various angles, enabling better decision-making and fostering alignment throughout the organization.