Recognition settings

Event setting

"Events Settings" allows you to tailor event visibility according to your organization preferences.

Here's how you can utilize this feature:

Enabling and Disabling Events:

  • Navigate to the "Events Settings" section, where you'll find the option to enable or disable specific events associated with a user's profile.
  • When an event is disabled in the settings, it will not be visible in the user's profile page.
  • Furthermore, if an event is disabled, it will not be posted in the events feed, ensuring that only the events of interest are displayed.

Customizing Event Text:

  • Within the "Events Settings," you can also take advantage of the customization option for event text.
  • This feature allows you to personalize the text that accompanies specific events. You can craft the text to match the event's significance, adding a thoughtful touch to the event announcement.

Badges Settings enhance the awarding process by allowing you to create additional badges that can be exclusively used for awards. With this feature, you can craft a more personalized and meaningful recognition experience.

Here's how you can utilize the "Badge Settings" for awards:

1.Creating New Badges for Awards:

  • Access the "Badge Settings" section, where you can introduce new badges specifically for awards. These badges will be available alongside the default options when granting awards.

2.Uploading Badge Images:

  • Upload images that are optimized for a size of 360 x 360 pixels.
  • These images will serve as visual representations of the custom badges within the awarding process.

3.Badge Availability:

  • While uploading badges, you can determine who can use them.
  • Choose between making the newly uploaded badges available to all users or restricting them to managers only.

4.Badge Naming and Display in Awards Posts:

  • As you upload badges, you can assign a name to each badge using the "Badge Name" text box.
  • For a more prominent presence, you can choose to display the badge name in awards posts by selecting the "Show in Post" checkbox. If chosen, the badge name will accompany the badge image in the award post.

By leveraging the "Badge Settings" for awards, you can tailor the awarding experience to better align with your organization's values and recognize specific achievements. The ability to create custom badges and control their availability ensures that the awarding process becomes more impactful and engaging for recipients and managers.

Auto Recognition

The Auto Recognition settings enable the automatic generation of posts upon the successful completion of OKRs. Within these settings, you can designate the specific categories of OKRs for which the posts will be generated.

Recognition will only be created for OKRs of type public and in current periods.

Here's how you can leverage the "Badge Settings" to bestow awards:

Indicate the types of OKRs for which you desire automated recognition. Company, Team and Individual OKRs are available for selection.

Automated recognition is facilitated by means of the Schedule Apex Class AutoRecognitionBatch. Please check that the Apex class AutoRecognitionBatch is properly scheduled within your organization.